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A lot of people can sell you software.  Not everyone can provide a solutions that adds business value.  At Constructive Solutions, we know software!  We also know the construction and real estate industries we serve - inside and out.  But that's just the start.  Our job is to understand your business and help pave the way to your success.  

From choosing the right solution to process refinement through implementation, we help your company create harmony between your people, your technology and your business.  With theses critical components working in tandem, you will see the immediate improvements in your business and how you work with your customers.  

Using industry-leading best practices developed over hundreds of implementations, we dig deep to fully understand your business - before we even begin to implement a solution.  As we learn who you are, what you do and how you do it; we can deliver what you need ,no more, no less.  

What do you get?  New, valuable insights to help streamline your workflow, increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve profitability.

... And some really great software too!

More About Us


  • Vancouver based company with 15 employees 

  • Focused exclusively on Canada's construction and real estate industries.

  • Canada's premier Sage CRE Business Partner

  • Over 700 Clients (500 in the Lower Mainland)

  • Reference based growth